22–23 March 2022

Berlin, Germany

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Decarbonising the Downstream Industry

Welcome to the 2nd Annual ESF 2022 – Energy & Sustainability Forum

Following the great success of the inaugural ESF held virtually in June 2021, Euro Petroleum Consultants is pleased to announce the Energy & Sustainability Forum 2022 will take place from 22-23 March in Berlin.

What did we learn from the inaugural conference? First that the transition to climate neutrality will have a bigger impact on business models, value chains and long-term growth than that of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Second, after many initially considering the pandemic as a problem for the transition, it was soon recognised as an accelerator due to the significant changes witnessed to the model of life. As such the last 18 months has proved the importance of flexibility, and adaptability of assets and of operational excellence.

The transition is a pathway, not a moment in the story. As the transition accelerates and we look to 2022, so does the complexity, challenging the industry to invent new technologies, new supply chains, new value chains and new markets, all with collaboration at the heart.

With no one single solution to achieve net zero, the industry must form a coherent approach to take advantage of all opportunities including hydrogen, liquid fuels, circular economy, and clean and reliable energy. Meeting climate change neutrality is a science and technology challenge, and as a science and engineering-based industry, the downstream industry is well equipped to do that.

Through interactive panel discussions, presentations and case studies, ESF 2022 will:

  • Present the latest technologies being deployed to carbon base line assets;
  • Explore routes to increased flexibility and (product slate) diversification to accommodate bio-based and hydrogen generated feedstocks;
  • Explore the value proposition and commercialisation status of the latest plastics conversion technologies and the tangible steps needed for large scale implementation;
  • Prepare the industry for tomorrow through market outlooks, future fuel predictions and transition preparation;
  • Discuss the latest projects and technologies championing the production of low and zero carbon hydrogen essential for the deep decarbonisation of the downstream industry;
  • Position the industry to take the leading role in a net zero future through market outlooks, future fuel predictions and transition preparation.

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