20–22 February 2023

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Europe Energy & Sustainability Forum 2023

Energy & Sustainability Forum

Decarbonising the Downstream Industry

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Welcome to the 3rd Annual ESF Europe 2023 – Energy & Sustainability Forum

As the race for Europe’s 2050 climate neutrality accelerates, the role that the oil and gas downstream industry plays in ensuring these goals are met efficiently and affordably advances.

Europe is currently facing a dual challenge; to deliver energy security alongside delivering the energy transition, all the while coping with rising costs as a result of the energy crisis. Europe has the opportunity to re-industrialise, achieve security of supply, and sustainable supply as it adapts and embraces the solutions and routes to decarbonise whilst becoming energy independent.

The downstream industry is changing, with boundaries between upstream, midstream, downstream and power becoming blurred. Whether it’s reduce, recycle or remove, success will be defined by clear, significant, and concrete targets.

There is no silver bullet, Europe’s refining and chemicals industries must consider all of the solutions that are needed, and come together to find and leverage the synergies and partnerships to be at the forefront of delivering this transition.

Against this backdrop, industry leaders will convene in Amsterdam from the 20th - 22nd February 2023, to accelerate the energy transition through the collaborations, discussions, and development of a sustainable energy future in which Europe’s oil and gas downstream industry continues to play a leading role.

Our series of ESF conferences represent the best opportunity for the downstream oil & gas industry to network and knowledge share in the context of decarbonisation and sustainability.

What to Expect at ESF Europe 2023

2 Seminars

16 Hours of Content

10 Hours Of

300+ Registered Delegates

140 Pre-arranged
in-person meetings

75 Speakers &

Key Speakers

SPECIAL FEATURE: Pre-Conference Seminars

Monday 20th February 2023

Securing the Supply of Sustainable Energy:
Balancing the Challenges and Investing in the Opportunities

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Enabling Future Forward Technologies with Continuous Innovations, Strategic Partnerships & Policy Impacts

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Advisory Meeting Takeaways Report

Meeting held on the 20th September 2022

Highlights include:

  • Energy Security, Supply & Sustainability - The trilemma of energy needing to be secure, affordable, and low carbon needs to be managed in unison, despite the volatility in prices, policy and supply. There is a threat that the industry is losing sight of the bigger decarbonisation picture whilst it works to resolve the short-term challenges
  • Hydrogen – Enabler or Hinderance? - Are Europe’s producers even looking at the right solutions? Hydrogen alone cannot solve the problems. Green hydrogen value chains are extremely inefficient; taking renewables, converting to green hydrogen, converting that to ammonia, transporting it to the source of demand, and then converting it back to hydrogen for end use.
  • Diversifying Primary Energy Sources - The downstream industry is changing, with boundaries between upstream, midstream, downstream and power becoming blurred. But how will producers get the right feedstock for their products with the overall lowest carbon footprint within the whole value chain?
  • Critical Capabilities to Succeed - Europe’s refiners and producers must consider all of the solutions that are needed. First, a less carbon intensive energy mix is required. Second, reducing emissions and third, offsetting residual emissions is crucial.

Join our Esteemed Speaker Panel

If you have technologies or solutions to help Europe’s refining and chemicals industries reduce their scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions, now is your opportunity to submit an abstract and be seen and heard in Amsterdam:

If you or your company would like to give a presentation at ESF Europe 2023, please contact christina_romanova@europetro.com

Highlights from ESF Europe 2022

ESF Europe 2022 took place on 21-23 March at the Berlin Marriott Hotel gathering oil and gas downstream leaders to drive forward the decarbonisation of the downstream industry. Across three days of interactive panels and seminars, insightful presentations and a variety of networking formats, attendees shared with optimism, case studies, perspectives and the technologies of how Europe’s refining and petrochemical sectors are reinventing themselves through the creation of low carbon operating models and high-performing ecosystems.

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