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The decarbonisation challenges for the downstream industry and those producing fuels can be split into three main categories:

  1. First the manufacturing and production of fuels, the refinery, the petrochemical plant, and the systems around it
  2. Second, the fuels and products themselves that need to be decarbonised
  3. Third and perhaps the most crucial, the innovations, infrastructure, and the regulations that will enable the first two to be delivered in a commercially viable manner

Held as part of the planning for all our ESF conferences, our closed door executive advisory meetings gather global and regional refining and petrochemical leaders who are passionate about driving the sustainability agenda in the industry, with the objectives to:

  • Understand the principal issues, debates, challenges, and opportunities that are going to be driving the sustainability and decarbonisation agenda in downstream industry, both short and longer term
  • Facilitate an intimate and closed door gathering for our leaders in the field, promoting a community for year-round interaction and exchange of ideas
ESF 2022 Advisory Board Meeting

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Your Opportunity To Be Involved

With no one single solution to achieve net zero, the industry must take advantage of all opportunities in parallel. Against this backdrop, our series of ESF conferences will showcase the latest solutions and technologies available to help the downstream industry to carbon base line assets, improve efficiency and provide technologies and services in the following areas:

  1. BE SEEN! Associate your brand as a leader in the decarbonisation of the downstream industry. Our marketing opportunities guarantee exposure before, during and after the event.
  2. BE HEARD! Speaking slots are available in our ESF conference agendas for companies who can help to carbon base line assets, improve efficiency and provide technologies and services in the following areas:
  • Circularity including mechanical and chemical recycling
  • Blue and green hydrogen
  • Digitizing decarbonisation
  • Utilization of CO2
  • Re-configuration and conversion technologies
  • Renewable/bio fuels production

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