Sponsor the Conference Essentials

Lanyard Sponsor

Delegates are required to wear their lanyard and badge at all times to be able to access event areas and networking functions

Benefits include:
  • Logo will be printed multiple times on each delegate lanyard
  • Offers great exposure during the event and afterwards in the event photographs posted on social media
  • All Standard Sponsorship Benefits

Event App Sponsor

Delegates will use the Event App to view the latest agenda, ask the speaker a question, view delegate list, send private messages, exchange business cards, view all sponsors digital materials and access the conference presentations, extending your brand visibility after the event.

Benefits include:
  • Pop-up full page advert during first time login/register page on the app
  • Permanent banner in the lobby/homepage of the app and at the top of the agenda
  • Company logo on all app pages
  • All Standard Sponsorship Benefits

Questions & Answers Sponsor

Benefits include:
  • Logo displayed as Q&A sponsor in the agenda
  • Logo displayed and promoted on the main conference screen during the live Q&A session
  • Dedicated announcement by chairman/moderator ahead of the Q&A session
  • All Standard Sponsorship Benefits

Registration Sponsor

Benefits include:
  • Logo added to event website page and confirmation email which includes the most important details for delegates – conference timings, venue, hotel booking instructions etc.
  • Logo will be displayed at the registration desk which all attendees must visit on arrival to pick up their badge, bags, etc.
  • Exclusive opportunity to display promotional materials/giveaways at the desk
  • All Standard Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsor the Event’s Giveaways

Notebook & Pen Sponsor

The main benefit of this package is that your logo will be printed on the notebooks and pens which we place on the tables in the conference hall for each delegate’s use during the event.

Benefits include:
  • Logo displayed on the essential stationery items which we place on the tables in the conference hall
  • High brand visibility and exposure during and after the event as a takeaway item
  • All Standard Sponsorship Benefits

Water Bottle Sponsor

Benefits include:

Bag Sponsor

Benefits include:
  • Logo printed on the bag used by delegates at the event
  • Exclusive opportunity to include a delegate gift as a giveaway in each bag
  • Sponsor to provide materials for the bag – giveaways, company literature, etc.
  • High brand visibility and exposure during the event and after the event as a takeaway item
  • All Standard Sponsorship Benefits

Host a Networking Function

Coffee Break Sponsor (Day 1 & Day 2)

Benefits include:
  • Coffee break sponsor will be announced before each break and the logo will be included in the conference agenda
  • Logo displayed on the conference hall screen before and during the breaks
  • Opportunity to play corporate videos in conference hall during breaks
  • Tent cards with logo will be displayed on each cocktail table and at the coffee and food stations
  • All Standard Sponsorship Benefits

Lunch Sponsor (Day 1 & Day 2)

Benefits include:
  • Logo displayed as lunch host on the agenda and on-screen during the conference
  • VIP tables will be reserved for the sponsor to invite key/ potential clients to join
  • Tent cards with logo will be displayed on each table and food stations
  • All Standard Sponsorship Benefits

Gala Evening Host

The best memories are formed by unforgettable experiences. Our Gala Evenings are famous for their unique atmosphere, exclusive settings, fun entertainment, delicious food and informal networking. We have contributed to many friendships and successful partnerships in the industry over the years!

Benefits include:
  • Highest sponsorship profile at the event
  • Announced as host of the Gala Evening on the agenda and on all communications
  • Customised invitations sent to all delegates
  • Opportunity to include customised branded items such as table décor, signage, delegates gifts and much more
  • Opportunity to make a short welcome speech at the Gala
  • All Standard Sponsorship Benefits


General Sponsor

As a sponsor, your company logo will be prominent across the conference, promoted as a sponsor on the programme, on our website with hyperlink, on digital marketing and social media channels and prominently in the conference halls as well as throughout our event marketing campaign including advertisements in professional media and regular e-mail campaigns to our extensive database.

Package includes all Standard Sponsorship Benefits.

Exhibition Stand

Benefits include:
  • Book an exhibition space that will serve as your dedicated networking and meeting space during the event
  • Dedicated virtual stand with your digital materials shared via the Event App: 4-5 PDFs, 1-2 videos, links to website and social media etc will be displayed and statistics on stand visits and downloaded materials will be provided during/after the event
  • QR Scan & Win scheme: you will be provided with a QR code at your physical exhibition stand for delegates to scan and access your virtual stand with the above digital materials
  • Two complimentary event passes (speakers/delegates/stand representative)
  • Discounted rate for additional attendees

Speaking slot can be added to the package at additional cost for selected events.

Exhibitor Happy Hour

A series of 10-minute technical presentations, enjoyed alongside a drink, from our exhibitors showcasing the latest process equipment and technologies that support efficiency improvements and the reduction of emissions from the manufacturing and production of fuels, the refinery, the petrochemical plant, and the systems around it.

Currently, only available at ESF events.

Investment & Availability

Event/ Package Lanyard Coffee Break (per day) Lunch (per day) Delegate Bag Water Bottle       App General Package Registra-tion Notebook & Pen Gala Evening Exhibition Stand Half day seminar Exhibition Happy Hour

AVAILABILITY: Please note that sponsorship packages are subject to availability as they may be offered to other clients and are only allocated upon receipt of written confirmation. If you are interested in a reserved package, let us know, we will re-confirm its availability.

When confirming multiple events in the same calendar year, the following discounts will apply (except Gala Dinner package):

  • 10% discount for 2+ events
  • 15% discount for 4+ events
  • 20% discount for 6+ events

Tailor-made options are AVAILABLE for you at any time, contact us for more options.

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