30 November–1 December 2022

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Decarbonising the Downstream Industry

Welcome to ESF Asia - Energy & Sustainability Forum

As the net zero momentum gathers pace, Asia’s oil and gas industry will attend ESF Asia – Energy & Sustainability Forum from 30th November–1st December in Kuala Lumpur, a new conference focused on the energy transition, decarbonisation and sustainability in downstream.

Whilst climate change has the attention of the world, customers, shareholders, and society, at the same time, Asia more so than any region of the world must balance its rising energy demand, population growth, and strive for increased standards of living. Furthermore, it cannot be forgotten that many people in the region are still living in energy poverty.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent to the downstream oil and gas industry globally that climate change does not discriminate between borders and as such decarbonisation must be the forefront of all business and government agendas.

Asian refiners and petrochemical producers, with their own unique set of challenges presented by the transition, must act now to embrace the opportunities available to reduce both scope 1 and 2 emissions to carbon case line assets and move up the value chain away from fuels and deeper into petrochemicals, as well as find solutions to reduce Scope 3 emissions and the decarbonisation of its products and supply chains.

ESF Asia is the must attend event in 2022!

Through interactive panel discussions, presentations, and case studies, ESF Asia will:

  • Explore routes to increased flexibility and (product slate) diversification to accommodate bio-based and hydrogen generated feedstocks
  • Explore the value proposition and commercialisation status of the latest plastics conversion technologies and the tangible steps needed for large scale implementation
  • Prepare the industry for tomorrow through market outlooks, future fuel predictions and transition preparation
  • Discuss the latest projects and technologies championing the production of low and zero carbon hydrogen essential for the deep decarbonisation of the downstream industry
  • Position the industry to take the leading role in a net zero future through market outlooks, future fuel predictions and transition preparation
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Join our Esteemed Speaker Panel

Speaking slots are available for companies who can help to carbon baseline assets, improve efficiency and provide technologies and services in the following areas:

  • Circularity including mechanical and chemical recycling
  • Blue and green hydrogen
  • Digitizing decarbonisation
  • Utilization of CO2
  • Energy and Operational efficiency
  • Technologies and tools to carbon baseline assets – from low hanging fruit to deep decarbonisation delivery
  • Renewable/biofuels production
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