Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference

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BBTC is an event that should not be missed by refineries. Technology update and networking opportunity is exceptionally unique.
Ishaq Al-Sarhni, General Manager – Engineering, DUQM REFINERY
EPC’s BBTC remains the most effective means for keeping up to date with the latest technologies and the latest in terms of implemented refinery projects.
Tayseer Abdel-Halim, Vice President Global Technology Services, CHEVRON LUMMUS GLOBAL
BBTC is an excellent and great occasion to meet with leaders and experts, sharing their experiences and acquiring much information and knowledge regarding technologies and more concerning subjects to the bottom of the barrel
Mohammed T. Jameel, Process Engineer, PETRO RABIGH
Networking with team members form different area and different representatives of technologies improves the way we look at things at our own refinery to improve the bottom value to own shareholders.
Majed Al-Ghamdi, Manger Planning & Optimization Department, SASREF
The event was well thought out and organised. There were opportunities to learn, teach and find.
Mujtaba Alhashmi, TAKREER
It was a perfect networking hub and the right moment to share experience and knowledge about the refining world
Jose Alvaro, SONANGOL
The BBTC Conference continues to be an excellent forum for providing the industry with the latest innovative solutions and configurations for processing heavy oil
Tayseer Abdel-Halim, CHEVRON
Bottom of the Barrel technology conference gave me the opportunity to know more about what is currently being updated to upgrade residue. It has allowed me to meet many people who work in the same field.
Sara Al Shaiji, KNPC
Nice gathering. Refreshes and enhances BBTC technology knowledge
Mabrouk Issa, TAKREER
The amount & quality of information that I gained will irrefutably support us in better operation of our refinery. The atmosphere instilled a level of comfort to discuss openly with others. Thank you, EPC, for organising the conference.
This event was one of the best occasions related to vacuum residue upgrading. This occasion gives fresh information on the latest developments as well as an opportunity to discuss face to face with technology providers and users
Robert Žajdlík, Technological Processes Unit Engineer, SLOVNAFT
A timely and relevant gathering of key experts, leading process and catalyst technology providers and core users that promoted a productive exchange of challenges and solutions
Woody Shiflett, Deputy Managing Director, ART-CHEVRON
I am highly pleased and elated to be one of the participants in this conference. I found it rewarding and educating. The knowledge acquired will definitely help to address some of the fundamental challenges in my country's refineries
John Nnamdi Igweneme, Deputy Manager, NNPC
I find the BBTC to be the best gathering of technical and business expertise in the narrowly-defined field of upgrading the bottom of the barrel.
Jeff Gendler, Vice President, HTI (a headwaters company)
EPC has provided a unique opportunity to learn how refineries in Europe are exploring the use of the bottom barrel technology to profit more in this ever competing industry.
Talson Bege, Manager, NNPC
High standard conferences, giving a good overview of the state of the art of bottom of the barrel technologies
Romain Le Masson, Process Engineer, TECHNIP
The presentations were selected very well targeting some of the most timely problems in the refining sector. Most presentations had down to earth answers, solutions and suggestions for Bottom of the Barrel processing. The reps of the suppliers offered a good mix of the marketing and knowledge sharing. Generally, the organizers had a golden touch with those present at stands
Tony Katona, Process Development Head, MOL
BBTC was an excellent opportunity to get in touch with a lot of experts, sharing experiences and gaining information about technologies and other topics related to the bottom of the barrel
Valdison Moreira, Director, PETROBRAS
Excellent event - great opportunity to share with colleagues and partners. Also the social activities were really enjoyable
Ernesto lópez, General Manager, PDVSA Intevep
Really good organisation and very good networking
Victoria Aragón, Process Plant Manager, REPSOL
BBTC is the single most important event for the EB resid hydrocracking community. The presentations are technically sound and informative
Brett Silverman, Senior Research Investigator, HTI
Good opportunity to learn and improve our technology. Great opportunity to meet interesting people
Ladislav Vdovjak , Process Engineer (Resid Hydrocracking Unit), SLOVNAFT
Great opportunity to meet business partners as well as getting informed on current technologies in refining. Looking forward to the next one!
Erwin Leitner, Business Development Manager, DORF KETAL