3–4 December, Bahrain

Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference

3 & 4 December, Bahrain

5–6 December, Bahrain

ME-CAT 2018
Middle East Catalyst Technology Conference

5 & 6 December, Bahrain

Welcome to BBTC MENA & ME-CAT 2018

Euro Petroleum Consultants is pleased to announce BBTC MENA 2018 – Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference and ME-CAT 2018 – Middle East Catalyst Technology Conference will take place from 3–6 December in Bahrain.

Established 17 years ago, Euro Petroleum Consultants’ BBTC – Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference Series remains the only event focusing on technologies, project trends and equipment innovations relating to residue upgrading in refineries. It has become one of the most insightful conferences for the refining industry in the Middle East, especially as more and more focus is given to residue upgrading.

Following BBTC MENA, we are pleased to bring to you ME-CAT 2018 - an event fully focused on bringing together catalyst suppliers, licensors, contractors, service providers and end users for a unique opportunity to exchange on the latest catalyst developments. Catalytic processes are at the heart of all refineries and petrochemical complexes and with the global catalyst market booming, the conference will give key stakeholders the unique opportunity to be brought up to date with the latest developments in this dynamic and fast rate growing sector.


Euro Petroleum Consultants


Euro Petroleum Consultants






Key Topics:

  • Market Overview & Trends
  • Increasing Conversion & Complexity to Meet Demand & Remain Competitive
  • Impact of IMO Marpol VI Regulations - Challenges, Solutions, Refining & Shipping Industry Cooperation
  • Residue Upgrading Innovation & Technologies
  • Focus on Thermal, Ebullated Bed & Slurry Hydrocracking technologies
  • Current & Future Projects - Case Studies, Best Practices, CAPEX Optimisation & Efficient Project Management & Execution
  • Innovations in Tools & Equipment - Specialised Instrumentation & Heat Exchange Equipment, Efficient BOB Equipment Clean-out Techniques
ME-CAT 2018

Key Topics:

  • Catalysts for Refining
    • Catalytic Reforming & Isomerisation Catalysts
    • Hydroprocessing Catalysts
    • FCC Catalysts for Max Naphtha
    • Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts
    • Residue Hydrocracking
    • Catalytic Dewaxing
    • Solid Bed Alkylation Catalysts
  • Catalysts for Petrochemicals
    • Catalysts for Aromatics & Olefins Production
    • Detergents
    • FCC Catalysts for Max Olefins
  • Enzymes & Bio-Catalysts – BioRefineries
  • Catalyst Management – Guard Beds, Regeneration, Spent Catalyst, Metals Recovery, Presulfiding, Monitoring Tools & Instrumentation
  • Modern Catalyst Testing, Evaluation Techniques & Procedures
  • The Importance of Research in Producing Performance Catalysts
  • Hydrogen Production


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If you would like to contribute to the BBTC MENA or ME-CAT 2018 programme, kindly submit your abstract here

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