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Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference

4 & 5 December 2017


Following the success of BBTC MENA 2016 - Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference in Bahrain, Euro Petroleum Consultants are pleased to announce that BBTC MENA 2017 will take place on 4 and 5 December 2017 in Manama, Bahrain once again.

The BBTC series of conferences was established 16 years ago by Euro Petroleum Consultants to address the important issues and technology considerations for residue upgrading in refineries around the world.

Under the Patronage of

H.E. Shaikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa

Minister of Oil, Kingdom of Bahrain.

National Oil and Gas Authority

Refinery complexity is one of the key factors influencing refining profitability. With a higher complexity and a higher conversion capability, a refiner can process heavier and cheaper crude feedstock while always achieving better margins at any crude price. The incentive is, therefore, to continue investing in higher upgrading.

Residue upgrading remains an area of prime importance in the refining sector, helping to meet the challenges facing the industry.

The Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference & Exhibition will focus on the different technologies, catalysts and equipment innovations that are helping refiners to successfully upgrade the bottom of the barrel.

Programme & Topics

  • Global & Regional Refining Markets Overview
  • Main Drivers to Implement Residue Complexes
  • Latest Update on Slurry Hydrocracking Processes – Development Perspectives, Risks & Opportunities
  • Hydrogen, Sulphur & Energy Management
  • The Latest Catalysts for Fixed Bed & Ebullating Bed Residue Hydroprocesses
  • Thermal Processes – Delayed Coker and other alternatives; Flexicoking, Visbreaking, Gasification
  • RFCC – Technologies & Catalysts Residue Upgrading & Power Generation Integration Opportunities

Become a speaker

If you are interested in participating at BBTC MENA 2017 - Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference or have any suggestions about speakers, topics or discussions, please contact Laura McManus at

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Contact the Organiser

Conference Director – Laura McManus
+971 (0) 4 421 4642

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Featuring Event

ME-CAT 2017 - Middle East Catalyst Technology Conference will take place directly after BBTC MENA 2017 - Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference. Special rates will apply to companies wishing to participate in both conferences. Please contact us for further information.

Middle East Catalyst Technology Conference
ME-CAT 2017 banner
6 & 7 December

Programme & Topics

  • Catalytic Reforming (CCR & SR) & Isomerisation Catalysts
  • Hydroprocessing Catalysts (Hydrotreating, VGO Hydrocracking)
  • FCC Catalysts for max Naphtha and max Olefins
  • Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts
  • Residue Hydrocracking (Ebullating Bed & Slurry processes)
  • Catalytic Dewaxing
  • Solid Bed Alkylation Catalysts
  • Hydrogen Production
  • Catalysts for Aromatics, Olefins & Detergents
  • Enzymes & Bio-Catalysts – BioRefineries
  • Catalyst Management – Guard Beds, Regeneration, Spent Catalyst, Metals Recovery, Presulfiding, Monitoring Tools and Instrumentation
  • Modern Catalyst Testing, Evaluation Techniques & Procedures