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India’s refining industry – Private sector, petrochemicals and… Russia! – Part 3

2018-12-07 Industry Articles

The private sector share of India’s refineries only accounts for about a third, but these companies own the country's two largest refineries – Jamnagar (1,372 Mbpd) owned by Reliance Industries Limited and Vadinar (402 Mbpd) owned by Nayara Energy

MARPOL 2020 – Are you ready? A UK Perspective

2018-11-20 Blog Articles

In recent years, one of the most discussed issues among maritime transport companies, refiners, and authorities regulating maritime transport is the hardening of the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in terms of permissible emissions of sulphur oxides from ships - MARPOL 2020.

India’s refining industry – expansion continues! – Part 2

2018-11-18 Industry Articles

By the end of 2017, India’s refining capacities reached almost 5 MMbpd. Today, India is the world’s 4th largest oil refiner following USA, China and Russia.

Reliable & Safe Downstream Asset Operation – The Key Challenges

2018-11-08 Industry Articles

By the end of 2017, India’s refining capacities reached almost 5 MMbpd. Today, India is the world’s 4th largest oil refiner following USA, China and Russia.

Oil Residue Deep Conversion in the Middle East – Drivers and Technical Solutions

2018-11-08 Industry Articles

Increasing the depth of conversion and reducing heavy residue volume is a global trend in oil refining caused by a global decrease in fuel oil consumption. The tendency is not something new.

India’s refining industry – expansion continues! - Part 1

2018-11-06 Industry Articles

By the end of 2017, India’s refining capacities reached almost 5 MMbpd. Today, India is the world’s 4th largest oil refiner following USA, China and Russia.

Operational excellence and safety continue to be a key driver in oil and gas sector

2018-10-31 Press Releases

Operational efficiency and safety are of paramount importance for companies across all sectors.

Digitalization in refining and petrochemicals – opinions of Asia-Pacific end-users

2018-10-19 Industry Articles

Digitalization is the hype. At present, it is almost impossible to find a refining or petrochemical company that has not announced its plans to introduce digital solutions at its plants.

The growing importance of residue upgrading

2018-10-18 Blog Articles

The good old times of earning profit whilst producing important amounts of fuel oil are now a thing of the past.

How managers can lead the behavioural culture of their organisation

2018-10-15 Blog Articles

Every organisation is defined by its leaders. Whether managers realise it or not, their actions have an impact on the way that the business is perceived, and the relationships between employees, on a daily basis. While this means that leaders always have to hold themselves accountable, it also provides opportunities for those in management positions to proactively shape the culture of an organisation. There are a number of different ways that this can happen

Digitalisation: Improved Profitability Enabler in Downstream

2018-10-12 Industry Articles

Globally, Industrial companies are currently involved in transforming the Oil & Gas business into a digital-based and excellence-driven process system.

How ambitious is the downstream industry in Abu Dhabi?

2018-10-10 Blog Articles

The short answer to this is: very. Downstream expansion has become a very pertinent topic, especially for national oil companies increasingly aware of the benefits of focusing on turning oil into refined fuels and petrochemicals in Abu Dhabi.

Bottom of the Barrel Technology – A key solution for Middle East refiners

2018-10-15 Press Releases

Residue Upgrading is increasingly recognised as a key solution to the pressing challenge of meeting the growing market for cleaner fuels, the gradual substitution of heavier feedstock and the decreasing demand for heavy oil.

What is Euro Petroleum Consultants' GSF Safety Award?

2018-09-17 Blog Articles

Recognising achievements in safety is incredibly important in an industry such as oil and gas as well as other manufacturing sectors where operations carry significant risk.

Kuwait’s Ambitious Plans for Future Development of the Downstream Sector

2018-09-07 Industry Articles

In the last few years the Downstream business was seen to be struggling against a low profit landscape with a wide variety of factors negatively affecting financial results...

Chemical Ways for Natural Gas Monetisation

2018-09-06 Industry Articles

In early 2018 Natural Gas prices were at their highest level since 2014. According to US forecasts, gas prices will increase 30% by 2020 in comparison to 2016 levels and will outreach metallurgical coal.

Global and Regional Petrochemicals: Latest Trends and Prospects

2018-09-04 Industry Articles

A special interview with Aman Amanpour, Independent Petrochemicals & Energy Consultant / Former President of Shell Chemicals Middle East

The importance of operational excellence in the petroleum industry

2018-08-24 Blog Articles

In recent times “operational excellence” has gone from being viewed as management theory to a tangible business advantage that could be transformative for organisations in the petroleum industry.

Spotlight on Kuwait Downstream Sector: Meeting Future Clean Fuels and Environmental targets and developing the Petrochemicals Sector

2018-08-20 Industry Articles

Kuwait is amongst the largest energy consumers in the GCC region with over 100 bbl of oil reserves and 65 Tcf of gas reserves.

The move towards electric vehicles and how this is impacting the downstream industry

2018-08-17 Blog Articles

There are now 44% more electric vehicles on UK roads than there were three years ago.

How is Digitalisation changing the future of the oil and gas industry?

2018-08-15 Blog Articles

Digitalisation is affecting every sector, creating challenges and offering the opportunity to evolve and improve.

Why Euro Petroleum Consultants?

2018-08-15 Blog Articles

There is no avoiding the fact that there is now a lot of competition for oil & gas companies marketing budget spend on events. With all the different formats and subject matter events, how do you choose where to spend your money?

Future predictions for oil price and impact on supply and demand

2018-08-01 Blog Articles

Oil price forecasting is complex and, with today’s market volatility, even more of a challenge for even the most experienced analysts.

Bridging the skills gap: How to attract millennials to study STEM subjects

2018-07-25 Blog Articles

Science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects are not well subscribed when it comes to the millennial generation.

What are the challenges and opportunities with the impending MARPOL Bunker Fuel Regulation?

2018-07-20 Blog Articles

In 2020, change is coming to the industry with new global sulfur limits for bunker fuel as a result of the IMO’s MARPOL Annex VI regulation.

Catalysts as Specialty Chemicals – Meeting Growing Demand

2018-07-17 Industry Articles

When speaking of specialty chemicals, it is typical to assume products such as polyurethanes, personal-care chemicals, specialty coatings and specialty surfactants, etc.

Why the oil and gas industry needs to tap into the resource of women in downstream?

2018-07-10 Blog Articles

Potential talent shortages are always a reality in the oil and gas industry.

More Towards Petrochemicals: Roadmap for Downstream Success

2018-07-10 Industry Articles

In the current scenario, refi nery-petrochemical integration, incorporating renewables and digitalisation will be the key tools for future business optimisation in the refi ning and petrochemical industry.

International Downstream Week 2018

2018-07-09 Press Releases

Petroleum industry professionals from all around the world met at IDW 2018, incorporating IDTC 2018 (International Downstream Technology & Strategy Conference) and BBTC 2018

Refining Catalysts – A New Player Is Coming!

2018-06-18 Industry Articles

Where there is a modern refinery, there is a catalytic process (or processes).

5 reasons to consider a career in the oil and gas sector

2018-06-25 Blog Articles

The oil and gas sector is one of the world’s most vibrant. Innovative and lucrative, it offers the dual benefits of attractive compensation as well as the opportunity to be at the forefront of energy development.

4 ways oil & gas companies can improve energy efficiency within their operations

2018-06-18 Blog Articles

Energy consumption is an issue for everyone today, from businesses through to individual customers and those at the heart of our political infrastructure.

What benefits can training bring to your oil and gas company?

2018-06-15 Blog Articles

Skills and technical knowledge form the basis of exceptional performance in any industry. And, in the oil and gas sector, there is the additional necessity for ensuring health and safety standards are understood and adhered to.

Oman Downstream: Building for the Future

2018-06-15 Industry Articles

While the Sultanate of Oman is not yet as present in industry-related news as neighbours Saudi Arabia or the UAE, the country is definitely a promising oil and gas producer and – in the near future – an important petroleum and petrochemical products exporter

Expert Insights: Operational Excellence

2018-05-25 Industry Articles

Is operational excellence now becoming a crucial part of oil and gas companies’ core strategies?

Improving Performance in Refining & Petrochemicals: The Challenges & Opportunities

2018-05-15 Industry Articles

2018 may have just started but we already expect to see continuing trends in the Refining / Petrochemicals sectors of the Energy Industry – important trends seen over the past few years.

Continuous Improvement Programmes: the Challenges & Opportunities

2018-05-15 Industry Articles

A high level of operational efficiency has always been of great importance in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Companies invest billions of dollars in high-quality assets and a return on investment is only possible if these facilities are operated safely and efficiently.

Technological Progress: At the heart of the Refining & Petrochemical Industry in the GCC

2018-05-05 Industry Articles

In today’s business climate we see that competition in the Refining & Petrochemical sectors continues to increase – year after year and in every region – the GCC is no exception.

Changing Face of Process Automation

2018-04-18 Industry Articles

How has the Oil & Gas (O&G) industry changed over the years in terms of process automation and enhanced control systems?

Process Safety Culture & Key Trends in O&G Industry

2018-03-15 Industry Articles

The safety element is a key factor for stable and reliable facility operation.

Impact of Iran on the World Energy State: Past – Present - Future

2018-02-25 Industry Articles

Ever since the lifting of sanctions in 2016, Iran’s energy policy, strategy and activities have been constantly attracting the attention of key industry players from around the world.

Building Safety into Industrial Facilities

2018-01-18 Industry Articles

HAZOP studies are one of the most widely used hazard identification methods and have found applications in many aspects of both the oil and gas industries.

Managing Procurement Risk: Cost Effective Approach

2018-01-18 Industry Articles

Risk is usually something that may happen which will have a negative or positive impact on a project.