Sunday, 14 February

Monday, 15 February

Sulzer GTC

Sulzer GTC Seminar

Sunday, 14 February, 09:00–12:00 (GST)


Clean Fuels and Petrochemicals – Sulzer GTC’s Innovative and Robust Technologies

Sulzer GTC

Sulzer GTC invites you to join our pre-conference seminar at ME-TECH. Presentations will focus on advanced process solutions that address the challenges of 2021 for producing clean fuels, upgrading cracker byproducts, integrating refinery and petrochemicals streams, and improving energy efficiency of assets by custom fractionation solutions.

Topics will include:

  • Technologies for Value Addition to Ethylene Crackers
  • Plastics Recycling, Plastic Pyrolysis Oil Upgrading and Purification
  • ULS Gasoline with No Octane Loss, and Flexibility for Gasoline-to-Petrochemical
  • IsomalkSM Family of Technologies
  • Dividing Wall Columns

GTC is widely known for innovation, technical knowledge and commitment to excellence through proprietary technologies and reliable execution. We look forward to your attendance.


Wood Seminar

Monday, 15 February, 09:00–12:00 (GST)


Embracing the Challenges of Today to Thrive Tomorrow

Wood Seminar

2020 has been a year of uncertainty. The impact on demand for liquid fuels has led to an unclear future for the transport industries and the economy. Collaboration, integration and differentiation will be key drivers for downstream stakeholders to ensure future competitiveness and profitability.

We would like to invite you to join Wood for our virtual pre-conference seminar at ME-TECH VIRTUAL 2021. Our experts will discuss subjects including:

  • Unlocking synergies within existing industrial clusters
  • Increasing operations efficiency
  • Driving decarbonisation through Wood’s SCORE methodology, clean energy solutions and tools
  • Managing capital investments programmes to achieve successful delivery

Honeywell UOP Seminar

Monday, 15 February, 13:00–16:00 (GST)


Integration, Sustainability and Lifecycle Solutions for a Competitive and Sustainable Future

Wood Seminar

With 2020, the global pandemic has brought about severe market shifts, and mega trends that have impacted all of us. With the rapid changes taking place it is becoming clearer, every day, that these changes are here to stay. Being able to adapt, continue to change and innovate ensuring sustainable growth and profitability are becoming increasingly more important. Our discussion will focus on:

  • Refining & Petrochemicals integration to improve asset utilisation, benchmark investments competitively, and diversify where needed
  • The increased environmental focus on carbon-neutral initiatives
  • The increased interest in Hydrogen as a source of energy
  • Circular economy and plastics recycling
  • Digital Drive for increased connectivity and the use of remote technologies to centralize operations and minimize site presence

Please join Honeywell UOP Experts to discuss with you a range of solutions and best practices designed to address your needs and challenges.