Masterclass and Strategic Management in Petrochemicals

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It was smooth and easy to understand what trainer is trying to say. Too much knowledge which is useful for my career.
Hamad Salem Al-Malki, Assistant Business Analyst, QAFAC
Very useful and informative workshop. It broadened my knowledge very highly.
Waleed O. Al-Saad, Project Manager – Third Party Projects, SADARA
This masterclass is a must to take as it combines comprehensive overview of the petrochemical sector, important factors affect major business expansion, decisions and best sustainable practices/examples.
Saeed Al-Kaabi, Business Development Manager, BOROUGE
Overall, it was a very good experience and learning. Hope to apply in day-to-day job
Ganesan Kathirvel, Marketing Manager - Power Industry and Process Analytics, ENDRESS & HAUSER
It was a great course that covered in short period all the aspect of petrochemical industry world, starting with chemistry through economy, strategy and alternative manufacturing method in different side of the world
Turki Ahmad Al Shehri, General Manager - Operations, SIPCHEM
This course was covering the major or the most important topics in petrochemical industry in brief and I am totally satisfied.
Mansour Ibrahim Al Goblan, Engineer - EHS & RA, SABIC
Trainer could map at whole chemical and petrochemical industries in a simple and interesting way covering various aspect which touch interest of all participants from both technical process stream and market and development. Amanpour has super master it all.
Ibrahim Al Zaabi, VP – Olefins, Borouge
I have learned a lot from this course. It is a good refresher course and many companies should adapt this for their new managers. The instructor was highly knowledgeable and has vast experience in petrochemicals.
Ahmed Al Mehrezi, Operations Manager – Olefins, Borouge
I joined with no knowledge or experience about oil and gas industry. However, I was able to construct general framework about petrochemical value chains starting from feedstocks to applications, then the business theories and new technology and finally, having general picture about the world perception and performance. Thank you!
Baneen Alaman, Deputy Manager, Mitsubishi Corporation
I gained very knowledgeable information and knowledge about the petrochemicals industry. Mr Aman is a very knowledgeable person in this sector and field, in addition to a very deep experience. Thank you Aman.
Saeed Kharbash, Senior Procurement Engineer, ChemaWEyaat
Exceeds my expectation. Excellent.
Ahmed Saeed Ghaleb Al Mheiri, CEO, ChemaWEyaat
Thanks and appreciated.
Dhafir Ali AlShehri, Lead Planning Engineer - Business Planning, SADARA
It was a great course that took the participant through a summary of some key commercial aspects, economics and account management.
Turki Ahmad Al Shehri, General Manager – Operations, SIPCHEM