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18–20 November 2018
Excellence in Business, Projects, Operations, Risk and Strategic Management

A tailored, best-practice-based and interactive “Masterclass and Strategic Management” with a comprehensive course book, covering principles and best practices of operational excellence, organisational and stakeholders’ mapping and management, partnership and joint ventures, as well as illustrating real case studies in commercial, business, contract, customer, opportunity, project, operations, risk and strategic management aspects of a modern (petro)chemicals enterprise.

The content, design and conduct are based on the trainer's decades of experience in operational and senior leadership roles. It is developed for managers and senior leaders of (petro)chemical companies, government officials, consultants, industry associations, NGOs, as well as those providing materials and/or services to this vital 4-trillion-$ industry.

Learn from one of the world's leading experts

Former President of Shell Chemicals Middle East


Aman Amanpour has been an independent petrochemicals & energy consultant since April 2010 after retiring from Shell. His clientele consists of major petrochemicals and energy corporations, as well as renowned companies providing key services to these industries.


Benefits of Attending

  • Understand petrochemical products, projects, value chain and technologies
  • Gain insight into the latest commercial challenges and opportunities in the industry
  • Learn how to develop insights and techniques to increase opportunities and mitigate risks
  • Monetise tested best practices of managing markets and customers, leading modern petrochemicals operations, organisations, projects and businesses

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for experienced professionals in the petrochemicals industry, senior managers who need a big picture refresher, as well as for investors, regulators and suppliers.

Course Format

The course is presented in a highly participative format. The trainer will start with some basic principles, requiring interaction and discussion with the delegates. Actual case studies, discussions and interactive analyses will ensure that the course content is both engaging and interesting.

Registration & coffee will start at 8:00am on Day One. The course will run for three days, starting daily at 8:30am and finishing at 4:00pm. There will be two coffee breaks and a seated buffet lunch on each day.

Agenda Key Highlights
  • Petrochemicals: Origins, Links, Processing, Key Products
  • Global and Regional Petrochemicals
  • A Responsible Industry
  • Economics
  • Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy, Planning and Monitoring
  • Winning Leadership in Petrochemicals Commercial Operations
  • Business and Project Development
  • Today’s HC Enterprise and the World - an example
  • Operational Excellence in Manufacturing
  • Petrochemicals Stakeholders
  • IOCs, NOCs, Independents in Petrochemicals
  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures

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