Masterclass and Strategic Management in Petrochemicals

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Day One

Petrochemicals: Origins, Links, Processing, Key Products:
  • Hydrocarbons from Petroleum and Natural Gas
  • Oil & Gas Processing, Feedstock Sources
  • Main industrial reactions, processes, products and co-products
  • Olefins and their derivatives
  • Aromatics and their derivatives
  • Methane and its derivatives
Global and Regional Petrochemicals:
  • Facts and Figures
  • Review of key Global Trends
  • Regional and Global Shifts
A Responsible Industry:
  • Responsible Care, Product Stewardship, Product Risk Assessment
  • REACH, Pollution Prevention
  • Energy Taxation, Emission Trading
  • Links to macro-economy and other industries, cyclicality, global and regional dynamics
  • feedstock: types, underlying cost, pricing, yields, regional specifics, supply/demand, past and current, recent and new trends
  • Capital expenditure and operating cost
  • Economy of scale and integration
  • Cost curves, marginal economics, s/d economics, leaders/laggards profitability
  • “Right & Wrong” time of building assets
  • Structures and restructuring, M&As: past and current

CASE STUDY: Top Global & Regional Players – Leaders and Laggards

Day Two

Winning Leadership in Petrochemicals Operation:
  • Portfolio Strategy and Management: commodity vs. specialty
  • Recent Challenges facing chemical industries
  • Fit-for-purpose business models and units: marketing, cost, supply chain, operations…
  • Account Management principles, organizational, practical aspects, case studies
  • People & organization: The influence model with its 4 building blocks of change
Today’s HC Enterprise and the World - Shell as an example:
  • Sustainability & Triple Bottom Lines , reputation management
  • Recent public positioning
Business and Project Development:
  • Opportunity identification and realization
  • New market and customer development
  • Investment decision process
  • Asset & project development and execution

Day Three

Operational Excellence in Manufacturing:
  • Principles and practices
  • Case Study
  • Realities, Interests, Interactions
  • Producers, customers, service providers, intermediaries, authorities, supporters and challengers.
IOCs, NOCs, Independents in Petrochemicals:
  • Ownership, interests, synergies, operating models and evolutions.
  • High Level Structures of modern Petrochemicals Enterprises: Different Models
Partnerships and Joint Ventures:
  • Option or must?
  • Benefits and challenges
  • Risks and mitigations
  • Decision tree
  • Case study
Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategy, Planning , Performance Monitoring & Appraisal:
  • Cascading and evergreen process
  • Alignment of people and business goals
  • Goal setting and appraisal
  • KBAs / KPIs
  • Effective governance and communication
  • Case study: generic, real, tools & techniques

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