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Workshop by Solomon Associates

SUNDAY 25 MARCH   10:30–16:30

Reliability & Maintenance Fundamentals, Benchmarking & Performance Improvement


This workshop will explain the important fundamental principles of Reliability and Maintenance, and will explain the concepts of performance monitoring and performance improvement. Specifically, the workshop will provide a detailed discussion of the learning from the Solomon Associates global Reliability and Maintenance Benchmark study. The Solomon RAM study provides real data to illustrate the achievements of the better performers, and the financial value of performance improvementThe presentation will share some key lessons that can be learned from the study, in order to help organisations understand:

  • Characteristics of high performing organisations
  • Where to focus improvement efforts
  • What actions to take andwhattargets to set
  • How to monitor the performance improvements
  • What results to expect

The workshop will explain how to calculate the value of Reliability and Maintenance performance improvement and demonstrate that the appropriate actions for an organisation to take depend on the nature of the performance gap, not just its magnitude. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of performance monitoring and performance improvement, and will utilize Solomon Associate’s experience and insights into the actions taken by high performing organisations in relentless pursuiof performance excellence.

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