Welcome to The Moscow Refining, Gas & Petrochemicals Week

26–30 October 2020

Radisson Collection Hotel, Moscow, Russia

running since 2001 - the ‘best established’ and ‘most popular’ downstream technology event in the Russia & CIS Region

incorporating: GPTC, 14th Russia & CIS BBTC &
20th Anniversary Edition of RRTC (featuring RU-CAT)



After consultation with our regular attendees and due to the continuing uncertainty concerning the COVID-19 pandemic globally, we are excited to announce that our offline Annual Moscow Week will take place on 26-30 OCTOBER 2020.

NEW VENUE – Radisson Collection Hotel Moscow

ADDITIONAL FORMAT – Online streaming

Those who cannot attend the event in person due to travel restrictions will have access to the online streaming of the sessions and networking opportunities though our interactive platform. Speakers will have an opportunity to present their pre-recorded presentations and join the live Q&As and panels virtually.

Stay tuned on our website and social media for more updates.

Thank you for your support and understanding. Stay safe and healthy!

Russia & CIS Gas & Petrochemicals Technology Conference


  • Overview & Outlook of the Global Gas & Petrochemical Industry:
    • Market Evolution
    • Industry Trends
  • Focus on the Russian and CIS Market:
    • Challenges & Opportunities
    • Export & Domestic Consumption
    • Specificities of Legislation & State Regulations
  • Natural Gas Monetization Routes:
    • Pipeline projects
    • New LNG units
    • Natural Gas conversion to chemical & petrochemical products
    • Associated Petroleum Gas rational utilization
  • Refining & Petrochemicals Integration – Case Studies
    • Development of Russian petrochemical sector
    • Challenges & Opportunities for regional equipment suppliers
  • Innovative Technologies: Market Development, Projects & Case Studies:
    • Gas Purification, Separation & Conversion of the Components
    • Syngas Generation
    • Ammonia, Urea & other Fertilizers Technologies
    • Methanol, DME, Formaldehyde
    • Synthetic Fuels: GTL & MTG Technologies
    • Olefins Technologies (MTO, MTP etc.)
    • Polyolefins Production: Technologies & Solutions, Feedstock Supply
    • Aromatics & Derivatives Production

14th Russia & CIS Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference & Exhibition


  • Market Overview & Trends in Bottom of the Barrel
  • Increasing Conversion & Complexity to Meet Demand & Remain Competitive
  • IMO 2020 is here – the real impact on Regional Refineries
  • Residue Upgrading Innovation – Technologies, Tools & Equipment
  • Technology Focus:
    • Thermal Processes
    • Residue Hydrocracking
    • SDA
    • RFCC
    • Ebullated Bed
    • Slurry Hydrocracking
  • Innovations in Tools & Equipment
    • Specialised Instrumentation
    • Heat Exchange Equipment,
    • Efficient BOB Equipment Clean-out Techniques
  • The Growing Importance of Integration with Petrochemicals
  • Current & Future Projects - Case Studies: Residue Upgrading projects in Russia & CIS
  • Catalyst Innovation: RFCC, Hydrocracking, Hydroprocessing
  • Handling Unconverted Materials
  • Hydrogen & Sulphur Management
  • Configuration Options for Residue Upgrading
    • Case Studies
    • Reducing low-value fuel oil production to increase profitability
    • Configuration Studies Including Resid to Petrochemicals
    • Implementing Projects: Best practices, CAPEX Optimisation & Efficient Execution
    • Importance of a Reliable Hydrogen Source

20th Russia & CIS Refining Technology Conference


  • Overview of the Global Markets & Industry Outlook
  • Focus on Russian & CIS market: Trends & Forecasts
  • Refining & Petrochemical industries: Looking at potential integration
  • Development programs of major Russian oil companies: Rosneft, Bashneft, Gazprom Neft & Lukoil
  • Modernisation & development projects in the oil refining industry:
    • completed, ongoing and future projects
    • development strategies & configurations
    • integration with existing power capabilities
  • Clean Fuels Technologies:
    • Desulphurisation Technologies
    • Increasing the Capacity of Hydroprocessing Units
    • Hydrogen Production Technology
    • Reforming
    • Isomerisation
  • Russia & CIS catalyst sector spotlight: market trends & production strategies
  • Focus on catalytic innovations & solutions for refining sector
  • MIDW Catalysts for Production of Arctic & Winter Diesel Fuels
  • Catalysts for the New Alkylation Technologies to Replace HF Alkylation
  • Overview of FCC Catalysts
  • Innovations for Catalysts for Maximum Gasoline & Propylene
  • Latest Developments in FCC Technologies & Catalysts
  • Increasing productivity through the latest technology
  • Production optimisation opportunities through the latest local equipment developments
  • Innovative technologies (new alkylation & isomerisation technologies)
  • Catalyst management solutions

See full delegate list (please note that it is a preliminary list and it is being updated daily)

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Why do you need to participate?

Addressing & Debating Key Issues: Gas Monetisation, Development of Petrochemicals sector in Russia as well as the Modernisation of the Refining Sector & improving conversion will be the focal points during Euro Petroleum Consultants’ Moscow Week: incorporating GPTC, RRTC & BBTC. The goal of Moscow week is to provide delegates with the latest updates to help them have a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities that this region offers.

We look forward to welcoming you to Moscow Week where we will bring together major Gas Producers, Refiners and Petrochemical Producers with Licensors, Contractors, Equipment Suppliers, Consultants etc. to exchange ideas and opinions on critical market and technology issues and discuss the road ahead for our industry.



GPTC - is a combination of our two traditional Gas and Petrochemicals conferences. Since the topics of these conferences are closely connected, the participants now have a unique opportunity to discuss issues of interest with their colleagues from related industries at one site!



Organised in 2018 for the first time, this session is the most effective way to visit all the booths and exchange business cards. We will be organising an express review of the exhibition, so that exhibitors can present their capabilities and delegates are able to return to their preferred stand for more information.



The key topics of Russia & CIS Catalyst Technology Conference RU-CAT are incorporated with the agenda of our most successful and long-lasting conferences – RRTC & Russia & CIS BBTC. Register for both events and receive triple benefit from special prices & exclusive presentations!



Fulfil the lack of information and communication at Moscow Week 2020 which will highlight all aspects of oil refining, gas and chemical industry. We will help you organise meetings after a long break, renew contacts with partners and fulfil your business plans.

The week offers:


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