27 February–2 March 2023

Bahrain, Manama

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Excellence in Safety & Operations Conference 27 February–2 March 2023

Warm Welcome to OPEX MENA 2023

The importance of Operational Excellence – enabling business continuity and ensuring organisations are fit, resilient and can withstand market changes and harsh environments.

Even in stressful times when all aspects of operation are impacted, work on Operation Excellence doesn’t stop - on the contrary, continuous improvement is demanded at each level and in every department.

OE improvement can start with benchmarking oneself against other industry players to understand the position in the market and to learn from the experience of others through close cooperation and knowledge sharing.

For companies, the objectives are to increase the level of reliability and profitability of their assets - to integrate new processes, to optimise costs and to determine priority projects and strategies.

Above all else, companies want to ensure a safe operation of their assets and to safeguard the well-being of their teams.

Launched in 2013, OPEX MENA is a high-level and interactive annual forum, that helps organisations in the MENA region to share the current thought leadership approaches and advanced methodologies for improving performance through strategies related to operational excellence and safety.

OPEX MENA 2023 – a unique event where over 80% of attendees are key specialists and executives from downstream producer companies.

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Join our Esteemed Speaker Panel

Speaking slots are available for companies that provide technologies and services in the above areas:

Operation, Maintenance, Flexibility & Reliability

  • Techniques for Increasing Plant Efficiency, Agility & Productivity
  • Operators’ Skills Pool – How to React in Time & be Flexible to the New Industry Factors?
  • Reliability Innovations and Fine-tuning Assets for Peak Performance
  • Process Units Health & Maintenance – from Predictive to Pro-active Approaches

Implementing OE Technologies & Tools

  • Leveraging on the Best Engineering Technologies for achieving OE
  • Effective Digital Tools & Data Management: Main Supporting Pillars for Operator daily routines

Building OE Culture

  • Links between Operators’ Cognitive Behaviour & Overall Process Safety
  • Setting Operational Excellence Mindset for Energy, Water Consumption Reduction, Emissions Reduction & Waste Handling
  • People: Nurturing your Greatest Resource

Safety – Top Priority

  • International Best Practice – Insight from Industry Experts
  • Asset Integrity: Production & Risk Management
  • Safety Culture & Leadership – Going from Good to Excellent
  • Crisis Management & Emergency Response

Industry OE Success Stories

Operational Excellence Case Studies in Refining & Petrochemicals and other sectors

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