SPECIAL FEATURE: ME-TECH 2020 Pre-Conference Seminar Day

Tuesday 18 February, 08:00 – 15:00

Jumeirah at Etihad Towers

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Wood ME-TECH 2020 Pre-Conference Seminar

Tuesday 18 February, 08:00 – 11:00

Energy Industries Evolution: A revolution?

We would like to invite you to join Wood’s complimentary pre-conference seminar ‘Energy industries evolution: a revolution’ to hear how we are supporting our partners and customers to achieve the greatest business benefit from the future energy market.

Starting from a conventional medium-complexity refinery targeting transportation fuels, Wood’s consultants will take you on a journey of future proofing towards a fully integrated energy complex that will thrive among tomorrow’s challenges.

After an initial overview of the impact of the energy transition on market trends, our team of experts will take you on a step by step process to tackle the different risks and opportunities arising in our rapidly evolving industry. For example:

  • As a first and immediate step, fuel oil upgrading to address the challenges arising from the recently implemented IMO2020 regulation and improve overall profitability;
  • Integration with petrochemicals to address the growing market and diversify away from transport fuels;
  • Reducing overall carbon footprint by maximising energy efficiency and integrating renewable sources of energy supply;
  • Reaching a zero-carbon industrial complex by considering carbon capture,
  • Digital toolkits and their implementation to improve asset operating performance, focused maintenance activities and reducing life cycle operating costs.

To consolidate the seminar discussions, an interactive discussion will take place around the global energy transition trends gathering the thoughts of our industry experts and those of our key customers in the region.


Honeywell ME-TECH 2020 Pre-Conference Seminar

Tuesday 18 February, 12:00 – 15:00

Better Decisions for a Sustainable Future

Honeywell UOP has developed a tool, that allows refiners to evaluate current investments and plan for the future. This tool is based on six critical key factors (the 6 Efficiencies) for measuring the value of a technical solution for a project. It helps to balance operational goals, market demand and regulatory constraints to promote profitable performance and growth.

Please join Honeywell UOP at the METECH pre-conference seminar to learn how this tool can help you shape the Refinery of the Future that maximizes high value product with the lowest possible cash cost of production and impact on the environment. These 6 efficiencies will be used to compare different technologies and configurations with the same objectives, that help drive technical decisions toward a more positive outcome for you and your project.