SPEICAL FEATURE: ME-TECH 2019 Pre-Conference Seminar Day

Tuesday 26 February, 09:00 – 18:00

St Regis Hotel, Saadiyat Island

Abu Dhabi, UAE


Wood ME-TECH 2019 Pre-Conference Seminar

26 February, 09:00 – 13:00

Supporting the Life Cycle of Downstream Assets

The Seminar will demonstrate how Wood’s integrated capabilities enhance your assets throughout the project and operating life cycle.

Sessions will be focussed on:

Optimising project performance
  • Selecting and optimising the project configuration
  • Deploying best in class technologies
Optimising asset performance
  • Meeting changing market, environmental and regulatory challenges
  • Maximising asset financial performance
Readying your assets for tomorrow
  • What do we want to achieve through digital integration?
  • Tools for operator training and performance monitoring

Honeywell UOP ME-TECH 2019 Pre-Conference Seminar

26 February, 14:00 – 18:00

Achieve Sustainable Growth and Profitability through Innovation, Technology and Digitization

This Seminar is a unique opportunity to hear UOP Experts share best practices and discuss key aspects of their most relevant process technologies and innovations to help you be more competitive, profitable and drive sustainable growth.

Technical sessions will cover a range of topics designed to address your needs, including:

  • Performance-based services that make plants smarter, more responsive and more profitable
  • Complete end-to-end catalyst solutions to optimize unit performance
  • Solutions to maximize your return from every barrel
  • Latest developments in aromatics technology
  • R&D pipeline and innovation update

How to Register

The Seminars are free and open to all end-users.
To register your interest to attend, please click fill in form below or email the ME-TECH 2018 Organisers at office@europetro-me.com

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