13th Russia & CIS Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference & Exhibition

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Russian and CIS BBTC 2018

Euro Petroleum Consultants is happy to announce the 13th Russia & CIS Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference & Exhibition – RusBBTC, an event solely dedicated to technologies and practices for upgrading heavy oil and residue, the catalyst developments and equipment for residue upgrading. Annually, the conference gathers world's industry leaders of developing technology and solutions.


The 13th edition of RusBBTC will provide updates on the technology innovations and examples of proven implemented technologies for increasing conversion and will give an insight on the industry's future development plans.

Key topics include:
  • Main Drivers to Implement Bottom of Barrel Complexes in Russia & World-wide
  • Latest Update on Slurry Hydrocracking Processes – Development Perspectives, Risks & Opportunities
  • Thermal Processes – Coker Domination but what are the Other Options? Flexicoking, Visbreaking, Gasification?
  • RFCC Approved Technologies Increasing Economic Efficiency
  • Residue Upgrading & Power Generation Integration Opportunities
  • Hydrogen, Sulphur & Energy Balances – Integration & Optimisation
  • Bituminous Oils & Coal Processing to Liquids
  • Special Equipment & Tools
  • Overview of the Main Residue Upgrading Projects in Russia & CIS


The 13th Russia & CIS Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference & Exhibition - RusBBTC will be held directly after the Russia & CIS Catalyst Technology Conference – RU-CAT in the same venue. Discounts are available for attending both events.

Russia & CIS Catalyst Technology Conference
RU-CAT 2018
9 & 10 April
Moscow, Russia

Topics include:

  • Catalytic Reforming (CCR & SR) & Isomerisation Catalysts
  • Hydroprocessing Catalysts (Hydrotreating, VGO Hydrocracking)
  • FCC Catalysts for max Naphtha and max Olefins
  • Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts
  • Residue Hydrocracking (Ebullating Bed & Slurry Processes)
  • Catalytic Dewaxing
  • Solid Bed Alkylation Catalysts
  • Catalysts for Aromatics, Olefins & Detergents
  • Catalyst Management – Guard Beds, Regeneration, Spent Catalyst, Metals Recovery, Presulfiding, Monitoring Tools and Instrumentation
  • Modern Catalyst Testing, Evaluation Techniques & Procedures