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Honeywell UOP Seminar

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Honeywell UOP ME-TECH Seminar
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Growth and Sustainability
in a New Energy World

Pre-Conference Seminar

13:00 – 17:00, 19 February 2018
Conrad Hotel, Dubai, UAE

Honeywell UOP invites you to join its ME-TECH 2018 Pre-Conference Seminar. Today’s industry is going through one of the most transformative periods in its history, which will redefine the energy business as we know it. Rapid changes in product demand, feedstocks and pricing are creating an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable outlook.

This Seminar is a unique opportunity to hear UOP Experts discuss best practices and key aspects of their most relevant process technologies to help you navigate this new landscape and drive sustainable growth. Technical sessions will cover a range of topics designed to address your needs, including:

  • How performance based services make plants smarter and more responsive
  • Complete end-to-end catalyst solutions to optimise unit performance
  • Adsorbent solutions for contaminant removal
  • Modular refining solutions to reduce costs and shorten schedules
  • Solutions to maximise your return from every barrel
  • And much more!
How to Register
Registration is free and open to oil refining and petrochemical operators. To secure your place at the Honeywell UOP workshop, please register online by clicking here or contact the ME-TECH 2018 organisers at office@europetro-me.com