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GTCC 2018

GTCC 2018

Russia & CIS Gas to Chemicals Conference

17–18 September 2018
Moscow, InterContinental

GTCC is a new format gas event that will focus on the different technology options in the treating and converting Natural Gas into more valuable products such as Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Fuels.

Leading industry experts will present best practices, share recent experience in implementing the latest technology developments for LNG, GTL, syngas, methanol, MTO, MTG among others, discuss alternative ways for NG Monetisation, as well as Gas industry development forecasts in Russia and CIS.

GTCC is a part of the Moscow Refining, Gas & Petrochemicals Week.


The main topics of the conference include:

  • Overview of Global Gas Market: New Players, Trends & Forecasts
  • Russian NG Market: New Fields Discoveries, Export & Domestic Consumption, Associated Petroleum Gas, Peculiarities of Legislation & State Regulation
  • Ways of Natural Gas Monetisation:
    • Pipeline Projects;
    • New LNG Units;
    • Natural Gas Conversion to Chemical & Petrochemical Products;
    • Associated Petroleum Gas Rational Utilisation
  • Innovative Technologies & Projects Status, Market Development & Case Studies:
    • Gas Purification, Separation & Conversion of the Components;
    • Syngas Generation;
    • Ammonia, Urea & other Fertilizers Technologies;
    • Methanol, DME, Formaldehyde;
    • Synthetic Fuels: GTL & MTG Technologies;
    • Olefins Technologies (MTO, MTP etc.)


Contact the Organiser

For further information on this event please contact us at: / +7 495 517 7709

The Moscow Refining, Gas & Petrochemicals Week 2018

GTCC - Russia & CIS Gas to Chemicals Conference will precede the 17th Russia & CIS Petrochemicals Technology Conference & Exhibition – RPTC 2018 and the 18th Russia & CIS Refining Technology Conference & Exhibition - RRTC 2018. Special rates will be provided for participating at several events.