ME-TECH 2023

SPECIAL FEATURE: Pre-Conference Seminars

Tuesday, 16th May 2023

Complimentary registration open to all operators and producers

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Stronger Together:
How Collaborations Are
a Game-Changer for the
Downstream Industry

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the Future of Refining
and Petrochemicals

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Stronger Together: How Collaborations Are a Game-Changer for the Downstream Industry

Tuesday, 16th May, 08:30–11:30 GST

WOOD Seminar

Post-pandemic, joining forces has become the new norm, not only at corporate or country level but at regional level. As a result, partnerships are leading the transformation of the energy industry by enabling ground breaking technologies to enter the market, and ambitious projects to become reality through impactful and innovative project development and delivery.

Join our ME-TECH pre-conference seminar to hear Wood experts explore how a combination of skills, capital, and technology can bolster the development of the region:

  • Driving successful project delivery when managing multiple projects partners
  • Enabling a successful discussion between chemists and refiners: opportunities and challenges for refining & petrochemical integration
  • Connecting majors of the digital world with energy reference players to reach best-of-class solutions
  • How agencies, governments and public opinion steer for ‘low-carbon’ as the new status quo
  • When established licensors support new technology developers - Example with plastics recycling

Seminar Agenda

8:30 Opening & Introduction Anne-Sophie Amiot
VP, Business Growth Planning, Process & Chemicals
8:40 How can the Middle East safeguard global energy security while delivering net-zero ambitions? Daniel Carter
President, Decarbonisation
9:00 Refiners & petrochemical operators working together: challenges & opportunities David Quigley
Principal Process Engineer, Fuels & Chemicals Consultancy
9:20 Decarbonising downstream: from policy concepts to actionable roadmaps Blair Fraser
Carbon Advisory - Technical Business Manager
9:40 Digital twin: leveraging partnerships to unlock the power of digital solutions Mithula Jeyabalasingam
Engineering Manager, Digital Transformation & Innovation
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Partnering with Technologies for Energy Transition Richard Spires
Technology Development Director
10:50 Panel Discussion
11:25 Closing Remarks Anne-Sophie Amiot
VP, Business Growth Planning, Process & Chemicals


Transforming the Future of Refining and Petrochemicals

Tuesday, 16th May, 12:30–15:30 GST

As the world progresses towards higher levels of decarbonization, we are witnessing a structural shift in the oil refining and petrochemicals (R&P) industry. Many existing assets are striving to become optimized and more efficient and larger, integrated R&P complexes are being developed. Being able to adapt, continue to change and innovate, while ensuring sustainable growth and profitability are becoming increasingly more important in our industry. This seminar will focus on:

  • Refining & Petrochemicals integration to improve asset utilization, benchmark investments competitively, and diversify where needed
  • Improving ROI, increasing operating profits and reducing CO2 footprint by putting the right molecules in the right place
  • The latest innovations in Honeywell UOP’s portfolio of adsorbents and hydrotreating catalysts
  • Emission reduction and clean-up solutions using nViro technology

The seminar will be an excellent opportunity for you to learn about UOP's latest technologies, innovations, best practices designed to address your needs and challenges. You will also get a chance to network and exchange ideas with Honeywell UOP technical experts and other industry experts.

Seminar Agenda

12:30 Opening & Introduction Ranjit Kulkarni
Global Business Director
12:40 Advances in Liquid to Chemicals: Direct or Indirect Naphtha to Olefins? Naji Abou Chedid
Director, Business Development
13:00 Redefining (R)FCC's Role in Petrochemicals and Decarbonization Rohit Agrawal
Project Development Manager
13:20 Helping Meet Global Demand for eFuels with UOP Methanol to Jet Yalda Daghi
Business Development Director - Sustainable Solutions
13:40 Speakers Q&A
13:55 Coffee Break
14:15 Optimizing the Operation of the Hydrotreating Units with the Right Catalyst Selection Aravindan Kandasamy
Senior Manager - Project Development - Hydrotreating
14:35 Technology Solution for Reducing Carbon Intensity of Aromatics Production Leo Bresler
Senior Project Development Manager
14:55 Capture Value from your Refinery Waste Streams with UOP’s nViro™ Solutions Janet Ruettiger
Senior Offering Manager - nViro Solutions
15:15 Speakers Q&A

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