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4 ways oil & gas companies can improve energy efficiency within their operations

Energy consumption is an issue for everyone today, from businesses through to individual customers and those at the heart of our political infrastructure. A move towards greater energy efficiency is essential at every level and throughout every sector to ensure that we are able to preserve the world in which we live and work.

Energy efficiency in the oil and gas industry

Around a third of carbon dioxide emissions worldwide can be directly and indirectly attributed to the oil and gas sector so, perhaps more than most, this industry has a lot to contribute to energy efficiency. Improving energy efficiency is the process of reducing energy consumption. This not only contributes to reducing the negative impact on the environment that energy consumption has but a proactive approach to energy efficiency within your oil & gas company can also help to improve operational performance and CSR credentials.

How can you improve energy efficiency within your operations?

It’s very important to note that 85% of carbon dioxide emissions that are attributable to the oil and gas sector are the result of the end-use of products, such as fuels, by customers. So, it’s important for businesses to focus on customers and how they can reduce their own energy consumption when using these products. However, there are also a number of operational steps that can be taken to reduce energy consumption within a business too.

  1. More energy efficient facilities. The design and build of facilities used by businesses in the oil and gas sector has a lot to contribute to reducing energy consumption. From the architectural design of facilities, to the equipment and processes that are implemented in each facility, a myriad of opportunities exist to improve energy efficiency on site.

  2. Investing in research and development. Technological innovation and creative design continue to deliver a wide range of opportunities to help improve energy efficiency in the delivery of oil and gas services. Investment in projects that are focused on greener infrastructures and more efficient industrial processes is crucial for oil and gas sector businesses, as are partnerships that support the advancement of energy efficient research for the industry.

  3. Stop flaring and the use of associated gas. The flaring of associated gas from the process of oil production is responsible for high levels of greenhouse gas emissions. Crucial to the process of improved energy efficiency within business operations is finding alternative options for associated gas so that flaring is no longer common practice. This could be, for example, selling associated gas to local industries or processing associated gas into liquefied natural gas.

  4. Focused operational strategy. There are many ways in which operations can be focused more effectively on reducing energy consumption for businesses in the oil and gas sector. From carrying out regular energy audits, to upgrading equipment to more innovative and efficient options - and introducing long term action plans to better manage energy consumption - there are multiple options available to make operations more efficient.

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