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Asia-Tech 2019

Thank you for your interest in becoming and ASIA-TECH Ambassador and attend ASIA-TECH 2019 as a free VIP guest.
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Once your profile is approved we will ask you to:
  • Join the Euro Petroleum Consultants LinkedIn group and share in social media at least three posts related to ASIA-TECH 2019.
  • Share in social media a banner provided by us saying “I attend #ASIA-TECH2019” or “I am an ASIA-TECH 2019 Ambassador”.
  • Put this banner in your e-mail signature (optional).
  • Ask your company to put our event in the event section on your website if any and if possible (optional).
  • Agree to meet at least one of our sponsors or exhibitors in a private meeting during the event, if we ask you so.
  • Suggest two colleagues (their names, job titles, emails) who might be interested to attend on similar conditions.*
  • Attend all sessions during the three full days of the conference including the Air Liquide seminar and the activities planned.
  • Cover your travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Enjoy ASIA-TECH 2019 as a VIP guest!
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