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Maximise Success Through Catalyst Innovations

Euro Petroleum Consultants (EPC Ltd.) was proud launch our new series of conferences dedicated to downstream catalysts with the first two All-Asia and Middle East editions taking place in Q4 2017. Refining & Petrochemical Catalysts Technologies have always been an inseparable part of our technology conferences and we were pleased to have the opportunity to expand the topic, which is growing in popularity in the downstream community, to standalone events.

The inaugural edition of ASIA-CAT was held in Jakarta with the kind support of Pertamina, Indonesia’s state-owned oil and natural gas corporation, and was directly preceded by ASIA-TECH 2017.


Process catalysts traditionally play a vital role in any downstream facility with growing importance in the wider economy now and estimated $13 billion-per-year business worldwide. The value of products dependent on process catalysts, which include refined products, chemicals and petrochemical products, and many others, is said to be around $500–600 billion per year.

Key Industry Issues Discussed at ASIA-CAT 2017 Included:

  • Catalytic Reforming (CCR & SR) & Isomerisation Catalysts
  • Hydroprocessing Catalysts (Hydrotreating, VGO Hydrocracking)
  • FCC Catalysts for max Naphtha and max Olefins
  • Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts
  • Residue Hydrocracking (Ebullating Bed & Slurry processes)
  • Catalytic Dewaxing
  • Solid Bed Alkylation Catalysts
  • Catalysts for Aromatics, Olefins & Detergents
  • Catalyst Management – Guard Beds, Regeneration, Spent Catalyst, Metals Recovery, Presulfiding, Monitoring Tools and Instrumentation
  • Modern Catalyst Testing, Evaluation Techniques & Procedures

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ASIA-CAT 2017 was strategically placed immediately after the popular ASIA-TECH event (10-11 October 2017) and was held in the same venue.

We hope to have you with us at our Asian events!