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Euro Petroleum Consultants invites you to take part in the 2nd edition of the Russia & CIS Fertiliser Technology Forum - RFF 2022.

The Forum will focus on the latest approaches for the production of nitrogen, phosphate and complex fertilisers, as well as the implementation of the new «clean» technologies.

In light of the global decarbonisation policy, chemical companies are facing tough challenges. There is a growing need to upgrade existing units for increasing product yields and reducing carbon footprint, whilst also ensuring that new production units meet all environmental requirements. The world's leading licensors will present their technologies to address these needs, including ways to produce special products which are currently in demand.

RFF will include a focus on ways to increase the efficiency of assets by decreasing operational coststhrough energy efficiency and reliability excellence, automation and digitalisation of operations.

The conference will include a special session dedicated to major investment projects implementation with key specialists sharing their knowledge on how to work with design institutes and tips about entering into and managing various types of contracts as well as approaches to project financing.

Last year’s edition was attended by the majority of leading fertiliser producing companies. The attendees said the event was one of the best platforms in Russia and the CIS for exchanging knowledge and establishing business contacts.

Key Topics

"Green” and “blue” technologies implementation

  • Green & blue projects overview: Focus on fertilisers
  • "Green" and "blue" hydrogen technologies, syngas and ammonia production
  • Carbon capture technologies
  • Circular economy

Ammonia, nitrogen fertilisers and nitric acid production

  • Creation of new production units
  • Modernisation and optimisation of existing units
  • Latest developments in catalysts and equipment

Production of phosphates and complex fertilizers

  • Latest technologies for phosphate fertilisers production
  • Production of complex, combined and blended fertilisers. Production of multifunctional fertilizers, fertilizer mixtures
  • Integrated production. Production of specialized products

Ways to lower operating costs

  • Improving energy efficiency and reliability
  • Automation and digitalisation of production processes
  • Water-saving technologies and reagent treatment of recycled water

Key investment projects in Russia & CIS countries

  • Development strategies of leading chemical companies
  • Project management and risk management
  • Working with EPC contractors & design institutes on major investment projects
  • BIM design
  • Key approaches to project financing

Fertiliser market: trends and perspectives

  • Fertiliser market overview
  • What do the farmers need? New approaches to fertiliser use
  • Environmental requirements for fertilisers in Russia and worldwide

Call for Papers

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