Fundamentals of Petrochemicals

Introductory Course

Type: E-learning Modules & Instructor-led Sessions 29 June–1 July 2021

Trainer: Alan Fisher

Duration: 3 days



We present two petrochemical courses. One, an introductory course where we will explore the nature of the industry. And second, an advanced course, which will expand into the current trends in the industry and its economics.
Petrochemicals start their lives as common fuels, Oil, Natural Gas and Coal, in the main. We will show you how we convert these everyday fuels through petrochemical intermediates into chemicals and plastics. Showing in our daily lives as plastic bottles, detergents, automobile dashboards, furniture polish, TV sets, fertiliser, to name but a few of the thousands of products derived from petrochemicals.
We will also delve into the state of the industry and its economics.
For the advanced course we’ll emphasise more on these latter issues of the industry and its economics.
In both courses we’ll take a peek at plastics and the huge relationship between the two industries.
Welcome to the wonderful world of petrochemicals!


The content of both these courses are suitable for all people involved in industry. We recommend doing the Introductory course if you are new to petrochemicals. This can be followed by the advanced course for more in-depth coverage.

  • Personnel from the chemical, petrochemical and polymers industries
  • Petrochemical plant technical and engineering personnel
  • Laboratory supervisors and industrial chemists
  • Petrochemical trading personnel
  • Sales, marketing and product trading personnel
  • Managers and directors within the Industry


  • Obtain a clear overview of the processing background and how feedstocks develop through intermediates and into finished products;
  • Understand how the development of plastics has driven the advances in the industry, moving from an also-ran driver to the major destination for so much of the worldwide petrochemical tonnage;
  • Review the feedstock picture and study how changes in feedstock have changed the geography of the industry;
  • We will examine the drivers and economics of the industry.

Meet Our Subject Matter Expert

Alan Fisher photo

Alan Fisher

Associate Trainer, Euro Petroleum Consultants

Alan Fisher manages a consultancy company based in the UK serving the Catalysis and the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries. Prior to this he was Europe and Middle East Commercial Director for BASF’s Chemical Catalyst Group and managed Europe and the Middle East for Shell Catalysts (CRI). He has over 40 years in the petrochemicals and chemicals sector. He has been involved in process engineering, marketing, project management, cost /scheduling, construction management, operations and he led his sales team to record breaking results for catalyst sales in Europe. He also has operational, maintenance and commissioning experience.
He has a degree in Chemical Engineering and is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers.

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