September 2019


RRTC 2019

Russia & CIS Refining Technology Conference & Exhibition

Established in 2001, Russia & CIS Refining Technology Conference & Exhibition – RRTC is the longest running and most well supported downstream technology event in Russia & CIS.The event gathers regional refiners and their international and local partners – licensors & contractors; catalyst and equipment manufacturers, services and solution providers and design institutes. The traditionally strong technical programme will provide Delegates with case studies of the recent technology implementation, as well as ongoing and future projects and will outline the challenges for the oil refining industry in the region and internationally.

RRTC is a part of the Moscow Refining, Gas & Petrochemicals Week.

Key Topics:

  • Overview of the Global and Russia & CIS Refining Industry Developments and Market Trends
  • Clean Fuels Technologies:
    • Desulphurisation Technologies
    • Latest Peforming Technologies & Catalysts
    • Implementing of Isomerization Technologies
    • Increasing the Capacity of Hydroprocessing Units
  • Base Oil & Lubes
  • Hydrogen Production Technologies
  • Catalysts with Improved Performance
  • Latest Developments in FCC Technologies. Recently Completed FCC Projects
  • Residue Upgrading Technologies
  • Environment Protection: Improving Refinery Operations to Meet Environment Protection Standards
  • Project Management: Masterplanning & Front-End Loading, Improved Project Management Systems. The Role of Russian Project Institutes projects in Planning Stage: Goals, Challenges, Development Strategies, Possible Integration with Existing Units

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The Moscow Refining, Gas & Petrochemicals Week 2019

The 19th Russia & CIS Refining Technology Conference & Exhibition - RRTC 2019 will be held directly after GTCC 2019 – 4th Russia & CIS Gas to Chemicals Conference & Exhibition and 18th Russia & CIS Petrochemicals Technology Conference & Exhibition – RPTC 2019 in the same venue. Special rates will be provided for participating at several events.

Moscow Week 2019

September 2019

4th Gas to Chemicals 
Technology Conference & Exhibition

GTCC is a new format gas event that will focus on the different technology options in the treating and converting Natural Gas into more valuable products such as Chemicals, Petrochemicals and Fuels.

Moscow Week 2019

Сентябрь 2019

19-я Конференция и выставка
по технологиям нефтепереработки
 России и стран СНГ

Конференция и выставка по технологиям нефтепереработки России и стран СНГ (RRTC) – самое популярное технологическое мероприятие в области нефтепереработки в регионе.