30 March–1 April 2021

Diplomat Radisson Blu, Bahrain


Excellence in Safety & Operations

Conference & Exhibition featuring: The Gulf Safety Award


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For organisations involved in highly complex operations including oil, gas, chemicals and aluminium, the goals of attaining a high level of operational excellence and reaching a target of zero accidents, have always been closely intertwined.

OPEX MENA was launched in 2013 and is a high-level and interactive annual forum that provides organisations in the MENA region with access to current thought leadership and advanced methodologies for improving performance through strategies related to operational excellence.

In 2021, we will take a close look at safety leadership and management culture, as well as the very latest strategies, systems, tools and digital innovations that are available to support organisations on their OE journey.



As part of the opening ceremony of OPEX MENA 2021, the fourth edition of the Gulf Safety Award will be presented. This prestigious award will celebrate the organisation who has found innovative ways of making lasting improvements to the safety and health of their workers, to the environment and to productivity.

By sharing examples and recognising their achievements, the Gulf Safety Award aims to drive change, promote best practice and demonstrate that achieving excellence in safety is a key milestone in any operational excellence strategy.

Key Topics

The Link between Safety Excellence and Operational Excellence:

  • How safety culture, leadership and EHS initiatives drive Operational Excellence
  • Establishing a unified operational risk strategy
  • Management of Change to improve safety & uptime. Management of Organisational Change
  • Employee empowerment and the importance of proper training
  • Accomplishing Process Safety Excellence
  • Performance management/Performance improvement
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: How to navigate the merging of EHS cultures and achieve efficiencies
  • Business Excellence: Customer satisfaction, employee engagement and improving the long term sustainability of your business
  • Capacity Building: competency assurance

Harnessing Digital Innovation:

  • Why Digital Transformation matters and the role that culture plays in establishing a successful Digital Transformation framework
  • Disruptive Technologies: what is coming next?
  • The Data Revolution: machine learning, predictive maintenance, supply chain optimization, cost optimization, production stability
  • Make better use of digital capabilities aimed at improving business processes
  • Cybersecurity for process systems and data

Improve the Safety, Performance and Profitability of your Asset:

  • Making reliability your business strategy
  • Are best maintenance practices critical to success?
  • The challenges of implementing Total Productive Maintenance
  • How to drive predictive asset management
  • Asset Integrity from a safety perspective
  • Lower costs, reduce downtime, increase production and asset utilization, and drive efficiency with intelligent asset management (IAM)
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OPEX MENA is designed for C-Level and Senior Management in all disciplines from the oil, gas, petrochemicals and complex manufacturing sectors.

The event is also highly beneficial for manufacturing and technical personnel: Operational Excellence personnel, Operations Managers, Turnaround and Maintenance Managers, HSE Leaders and Department Heads, Production, Process and Reliability Engineers, Shift Supervisors and Operational Support Staff and indeed all personnel who drive Safety and Operational Excellence in their function.

OPEX MENA 2021 Advisory Committee

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