24–26 October 2021


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Middle East Energy & Sustainability Forum 24–26 October 2021

Decarbonising the Downstream Industry

Welcome to ESF MENA 2021 – Middle East Energy & Sustainability Forum

Talking to our customers it's apparent that the demands on the Middle East’s refiners and producers are intensifying as the realisation and realities of climate mitigation are hitting the region’s sector.

Today success is no longer just measured on safe and profitable operations, but also the ability to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability goals and environmental stewardship, with reduced carbon intensity and increased energy efficiency, whilst maximising in-country value and circularity.

ESF MENA is a new focused event to support the discussions and development of a sustainable energy future in which the Middle East’s downstream industry continues to play a leading role.

Through interactive panel discussions, presentations and case studies, ESF MENA will:

We are calling for abstracts in the following topic areas:

  • Low carbon technologies including CCUS and Hydrogen
  • Clean, bio & renewable fuel production
  • Circular economy - waste (plastics) recycling and conversion technologies
  • Energy efficiency and waste heat recovery technologies
  • The market outlook and investment landscape for refined products and plastics
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