14–15 December 2021

Manama, Bahrain

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Middle East Bottom of the Barrel and Catalyst Technology Conference 13–15 December 2021

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In the downstream industry, upgrading the Bottom of Barrel has been without doubt central to achieving high levels of productivity and maintaining competitiveness – a key component to every modern refinery complex. In today's downstream industry, we are faced with new challenges and opportunities, with changing markets and a drive towards greater sustainability and decarbonisation. Refiners will continue to look to convert low value residues and increase conversion to curb low-value fuel oil production. Key objectives remain: increasing conversion, improving products, further integration with petrochemicals, reducing emissions and increasing margins.

Along with the process technologies, Catalysts will continue to play a central role in reaching these objectives. Catalytic processes are very much at the heart of all refineries. Producers are looking to select the best-suited catalyst to increase profitability, maximise production, increase integration & develop new revenue streams. Making the right selection in terms of Catalyst Management, waste management, different recovery & regeneration techniques is highly important when it comes to deciding on the best operational strategy for the coming years.

BBTC MENA offers a unique platform to exchange and share experiences on the above topics and much more….

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Key Discussion Topics

MARKET OVERVIEW & TRENDS: Industry Game Changers

COVID-19 impact & consequences

Pace of Energy Transition

How does Residue Upgrading fit into this new reality?

IMO 2020: Eclipsed by the Pandemic?


Crisis Management, Business Transformation & Recovery Strategies

Digitalisation & Tools for Remote Operations

Portfolio Diversification

Supply & Demand


What now for Residue Upgrading Projects?

Status of Active Projects: Global & Regional

Adapted approach to smaller or more manageable projects

Success Stories & Best Practices

CATALYST FOCUS: New Developments, Catalyst Management & Recovery

Getting max from existing assets: Improving Operations & Margins

A look into Catalysts for Residue to Petrochemicals

Waste Catalyst Management: new innovations & equipment to improve existing operations

Latest in Hydroprocessing Catalysts, RFCC Catalysts, HS-FCC Catalysts

Identifying Potential New Revenue Streams: Circular Economy of Spent Catalysts

DEEP CONVERSION – Technologies, Tools & Equipment

Latest Technology Updates: Resid to Petrochemicals

What to do with Residue?

Specialised Instrumentation & HE Equipment, Efficient BOB Equipment, Clean-out Techniques


Modern Catalyst Testing, Evaluation Techniques & Procedures

Recovery Techniques & Regeneration

Middle East Spotlight: Catalysts Developments for the Region

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