Crude Oil Selection Course

Type: E-learning Modules & Instructor-led Sessions 8–10 June 2021

Trainer: Sanda Telen, PhD

Duration: 3 days



The refining industry has changed noticeably over the past years, with an ample supply of opportunity crudes available. Considering that crude oil purchasing represents ~85% of a refiner’s cost structure it is, consequently, a key factor in achieving profitability goals. Challenges in opportunity crudes processing are many, however, by respecting the general rules of the selection process, risks could be considerably decreased.

The course is focused on the crude oil selection process and its impact on refinery processing and quality of finished products. It provides the practical guidance on building, interpretation and significance of the crude basket, crude oil assay generation and interpretation, yields, economics, crude blending, compatibility, stability, environmental impact and post-evaluation process.

Additionally the course gives the perspective of how crude oil quality impacts the refinery assets and refining processes. Case studies are used to illustrate the importance of each aspect of the crude selection process.


  • Refinery unit managers
  • Refinery technical personnel
  • Planning and scheduling specialists
  • Trading and blending specialists
  • Crude trading specialists
  • Laboratory supervisors and technical personnel
  • Sales, marketing and product trading specialists
  • Professionals looking for business benefits from managing the crude selection process
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  • Understanding the complexity and the impact of a crude selection on refining process and quality of finished products
  • Ability to generate and interpret the Crude Oil Assay
  • Ability to build the crude basket
  • Understanding the principles of crude blending and crude compatibility
  • Understanding how to manage crude contaminants and role of additives
  • Performing the evaluation of crude processing – technology and economy aspect
  • Performing the process simulation and simplified unit capacity calculation
  • Understanding the environmental concerns of crude oil processing
  • Understanding the crude oil processing impact on the quality of the finished products

Meet Our Subject Matter Expert

Sanda Telen

Sanda Telen, PhD

Associate Trainer, Euro Petroleum Consultants

Dr Telen is an experienced manager with more than 25 years of operational experience in the downstream Oil & Gas industry. She is a recognised expert in conventional, biofuels and alternative fuels with extensive experience in crude selection process and formulation of finished products including product portfolio strategy, product quality road mapping and benchmarking. Sanda is a long time laboratory manager with comprehensive experience in laboratory processes, including financing, benchmarking, efficiency improvement and total quality management processes.

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