Refining Blending Course

Type: E-learning Modules & Instructor-led Sessions 15–17 June 2021

Trainer: Sanda Telen, PhD

Duration: 3 days



Growing global competitiveness in the refining products’ market requires an in-depth knowledge of fuel technology processes, global quality standards and quality monitoring procedures. As a global market turns to clean fuels and more stringent specifications, the environment in which refiners operate is becoming more and more challenging.

The course presents a comprehensive overview of white products blending processes, covering refining processing and technology aspects, crude quality impact, specifications, quality giveaway, additives selection, blending economics, testing and troubleshooting. Additionally, the course gives a perspective of how the blending process fits into an integrated oil refinery. Case studies are used to illustrate the relative importance of each aspect of the blending process.


  • Personnel from the oil, fuel, biofuel, additive and auto industries
  • Refinery technical personnel
  • Operative planning and scheduling specialists
  • Trading and blending personnel
  • Laboratory supervisors and technical personnel
  • Sales, marketing and product trading personnel
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  • Obtain a clear overview of processing background and how white products are produced and blended
  • Obtain a clear overview of fuel blending operations, blending principles, specifics and operations
  • Understand the blending impact on product quality and how to deal with quality giveaways, stability of blends and specification margins
  • Understand the importance of specifications, their limitations and how to ensure that the product is fit for purpose
  • Understand the role of additives and how additives are selected and used to meet the specification for different products and different markets
  • Interpret the laboratory results

Meet Our Subject Matter Expert

Sanda Telen

Sanda Telen, PhD

Associate Trainer, Euro Petroleum Consultants

Dr Telen is an experienced manager with more than 25 years of operational experience in the downstream Oil & Gas industry. She is a recognised expert in conventional, biofuels and alternative fuels with extensive experience in crude selection process and formulation of finished products including product portfolio strategy, product quality road mapping and benchmarking. Sanda is a long time laboratory manager with comprehensive experience in laboratory processes, including financing, benchmarking, efficiency improvement and total quality management processes.

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