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25–26 March 2019
Make Reliability Your Business Strategy

These are challenging times for the oil and petrochemical industry as operating margins are reduced, and there is pressure to ensure that all manufacturing contributions are optimised. This often leads to pressure to cut costs and the maintenance department is often targeted because it is an area of significant expenditure, both in normal and turnaround maintenance. However, it is important to understand that reliability and maintenance are inter-dependent; organisations spend money on maintenance and this expenditure delivers value by ensuring the integrity, reliability and availability of the plant to operate.

The challenge is to optimise the overall contribution so that the cost of maintenance and the value it delivers are properly understood and managed. It is important to recognise that the concepts of reliability go beyond the assets to the organisation, it’s culture and its employees. Assets cannot be reliable unless they are managed by organisations that have reliable processes and reliable employees.

Learn from Solomon Associates’ expert trainers

Jeff Dudley
Senior Consultant, Solomon Associates

Jeff Dudley

Jeff Dudley is an experienced chemical manufacturing and operations leader and recognised practitioner of developing reliability- based cultures. He is currently a Senior Consultant for Solomon Associates. He has 38 years of experience in the chemical industry.

Kevin McQuillan
Senior Consultant, Solomon Associates

Kevin McQuillan

Kevin McQuillan is a Senior Consultant with Solomon Associates. He has previously worked for ICI, Huntsman and Sabic in a variety of technical and senior management roles. Kevin is a professional mechanical engineer with 30 years industrial experience in major chemical / petrochemical organisations, He has global experience, including 1 year in Holland and 5 years in Saudi Arabia


Benefits of Attending

Delegates will gain insights into the practices and methodologies that are applied by organisations that have industry leading RAM performance and will be equipped to return to their own organisations and define, deliver and monitor actions to deliver valuable improvements.

Additionally, delegates will learn about the culture that exits in leading organisations, and will be able to take positive steps to develop their own companies towards improved organisation and asset reliability

Who Should Attend?

This training seminar is designed to be informative and interactive and to have broad benefit within manufacturing organisations. The following are examples of roles that would benefit from the seminar:

  • Senior managers with manufacturing responsibility
  • Managers with a responsibility for organisation and cultural development
  • Plant operations managers
  • Technical and reliability managers
  • Maintenance managers
  • Maintenance supervisors and planners
  • Reliability, maintenance and asset engineers

Course Format

The course is presented in a highly participative format. The trainer will start with some basic principles, requiring interaction and discussion with the delegates. Actual case studies, discussions and interactive analyses will ensure that the course content is both engaging and interesting.

Registration & coffee will start at 8:00am on Day One. The course will run for one and a half days, starting daily at 8:30am. There will be two coffee breaks and a seated buffet lunch on each day.

Agenda Key Highlights

Session 1
  • Introduction
  • Maintenance and Reliability Fundamentals
Session 2
  • Benchmarking and its use in Performance Management
  • The Solomon RAM Study
  • Performance Improvement and Gap Closure
Session 3
  • Organisational Culture and Targeted Spending
Session 4
  • The Link between Culture and Reliability
Session 5
  • Lessons learned from the Solomon RAM Study
Session 6
  • Solomon Associates
  • RAM Study Commercial Terms
  • Q & A
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